Arizona Classic Car Center is planned to be a classic car storage facility and car show venue that will have a retail store for unusual automotive products and will showcase new products on the market though SEMA. It will also include a large meeting room for clubs and non profits.

Our goal in opening this facility is to make the lot available to charities to hold car shows here at no cost, including Liability Insurance.

Normally, a charity must pay for a location or at least provide Insurance for the property owner. We want to cover those costs, helping charities raise more money for their cause.

All charities will be looked at closely to make sure the money they are raising will, go where they say it does. Special preference will be given to groups helping out Vets and Military families, and for fallen officers.

Another feature of our facility will be to put aside 25% of our vehicle storage space to provide safe, secure, climate controlled storage for Deployed Military at no cost, no matter how long their deployment.

Founders: Al Tracy & Paul Tillwach

Both Al and Paul are currently on the board of directors of the Arizona Automobile Hobbyist Council, (AAHC) and Al is the President. Over the years Al and Paul have organized various shows and cruises to benefit Vets and Military. In addition, they have organized cruises that raised money and gathered donations to help out the people of Yarnell, AZ burned out by a wildfire 3 years ago that took the lives of 19 firefighters. Al is also the owner of online car show and club information sites he has operated for over 12 years. is listed on as an event resource.